About the Awards

Welcome to the 7th annual Asian Business Awards Midlands!

Hosted by the Asian Media Group, Britain's biggest Asian publishing house and the company behind the hugely successful national Asian Business Awards in London. The Asian Business Awards Midlands recognises the best and most innovative Asian businesses and entrepreneurs operating within the Midlands.

The Midlands is the home to a multitude of Asian Businesses and is the natural choice for these regional awards, who better to recognise the energy, drive and passion behind Asian businesses in any commercial or industrial sector in the Midlands area.

The event also sees the launch of the annual Asian Rich List Midlands, a compilation of the 51 wealthiest Asians in the Midlands, highlighting exceptional entrepreneurial achievement over the past 12 months. The Asian Rich List Midlands the biggest and most prestigious celebration of Asian business success in the region. Published by the Asian Media Group (AMG), it shows the combined overall net worth of the featured 51 Midlands-based millionaires has topped the £5 billion mark (an increase of £400 million over the past 12 months), with the top 10 being valued at over £3 billion.

Shailesh Solanki, executive editor of AMG and one of a panel of four experts who has examined British Asian wealth over the last year for the Asian Rich List Midlands, said:

"The Midlands has for a long time been a beacon of success for the UK. The list shows the remarkable strength and diversity of Asian businesses in the region. And with Brexit on the horizon, and uncertainty over future trading relationships with Europe and the world, this comprehensive list proves that British Asian businesses in the Midlands have the desire, flair and know-how to continue to flourish.”

The date and location for the next Asian Business Awards Midlands will be announced soon!


The timings of the Awards ceremony will be from 17:45 to 22:30. Please note that timings may be subject to change.

The dress code will be Black Tie or Traditional Attire.

To make an entry, go to the Categories page and select the category/ies that you would like to enter.

To be announced soon!

Nothing, making a nomination for the Awards is free.

Tables can be booked on the book a table page. If you have any queries regarding booking a table, please contact Keith Dalton on 0207 654 7781 and Kavita Brown on 0207 654 7724.

We will be serving halal food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. We can also accommodate guests with special dietary requests.

Yes, please email Apple Cueto on apple.cueto@amg.biz for further information.